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March 7, 2015

Unfiltered is back for an evening full of celebrating all things female! Live performances by Zhala and Echo & Seashell, DJ-sets by Mylou Oord (featuring Riet Wijnen), DJ Lynnée Denise and Boris Becker plus B2B DJ chain with the DJ Workshop for Women. Lost Property presents Masha Tupitsyn’s ‘Love Sounds’. Cocktails by Byrthe Lemmens (courtesy of Absolut) and decoration by Felicia von Zweigbergk.

Melissa Gordon - Material Evidence, 2014. Acrylic on linen. 60 x 70 cm

Photo: Jason Wyche


A secret can be a private space for self-creation – or a shared site of pleasure.

We explore secrets in a plethora of forms and contexts. From layered accounts of mediaeval ecstasy to the unexplored sensory experience of smell. From camouflaged play to queer readings of astrological charts and the hidden history of house music. From a very analog point of view to the outskirts of the internet.


Her Circle

"You are not alone". The title of a Michael Jackson song. The main reason for clubbing. And why party organizing can be a field for political progress and activism. Every new party is a new possibility. And feeling is the foundation of the party. Of the body. Of moving hips, and soft lips. I believe that when bodies move, minds do too.
– Writer and DJ Sanna Samuelsson reflecting on the political potential of dancing





July 3, 2014

Summer! Half of the word summer consists of the word mer, which in Swedish means more, and in French means sea, both good, and occasions salty. And what is then the sum of summer? A drink perhaps? w. ice. Mosquito bites. Tan lines. Autobahns. Sunstrokes. Sweaty towels. Sanded thoughts. Friday! Half of the word Friday consists of day, and half of the day is the evening, and I promise you this will be a good one. Words by Inger Wold Lund, Film by Dafna Maimon, Sounds from Luci Lippard, Hosted by Girls Like Us.


boychild – portrait by Agnes Thor

#5 – PLAY

In a world with too many choices and too little time to explore, play is an excellent strategy. Objects, roles, bodies, settings – anything can be transformed in play. Playing across time, space, architecture, beds, houses, lives, papers. Suddenly a chair is a plane is a stroy is an animal is an avatar is a new reality. Making up worlds, filming them. Surfing warm and cold waves. Playing with identities. Playing en masse. Playing to be free.


    Her hole

    A bagel is a Jewish baked good.  It’s like a mature doughnut.  It’s like a doughnut with war stories.  It’s like a doughnut with a salty sense of humour. It’s like a doughnut, but Jewish.   It’s a long, thick roll with a hole. Making bagels is our Sunday morning ritual.  You need to allow an hour for rising time.  We have another ritual we fill that hour with. 




    La Meute Brussels

    May 23, 2014

    Brussels-based shop La Meute presents Girls Like Us magazine, Mapping Queer Feminist Utopias. All issues on display–selection of Girls Like Us paraphernalia–limited edition of back issues available.